The Sisters In Speed website will soon have a new racer! Who that is will depend on who is the first to return her completed Driver Profile and photographs!

Will it be Kristina Lawyer, a Mechanical Engineering professor from Boonville Indiana?  Maybe it’s Pamela ‘Miss Behavin’ Koulaib a Strategic Planning Manager from Luskville Quebec? Maybe it will be Renegade Racer Wanda Johnson? Theres no way to know really. One thing is sure, they all share a love of the sport, and you’re gonna know a lot more about them soon!


I’m Sue Cooper, and this is my car. I started the website in 2010, it was a school project. Yep I got an ‘A’!

Since then it has grown, it seems female racers have a unique story to tell. Being a female in a male dominated sport is nothing new. Being the fastest woman on Drag Radials is! Or at least it was when Amanda Long a.k.a. Puddin’ was the first woman to make a 7 second pass on drag radials in her 2005 Mustang!

First woman to make a 7 second pass on Radials, Amanda Long

Years later our Sister In Speed Karri Anne Beebe would follow in Puddin’s footsteps, or should I say groove, becoming Milan Dragway’s 2013 Drag Radial Champion and boasting a quarter mile time of 7.67 @ 184 MPH! Like our website says, We May Be Fast, but We’ll Never Be Easy (to beat, that is!)!

2013 Milan Dragway Drag Radial Champion Karri Anne Beebe

Many of us are Champions, it may be because we have something to prove, maybe it’s knowing that all of her Sisters are cheering for her, or it could just be that we’re actually really great competitors! Whatever the reason, I think we all make great additions to the Drag Racing scene! Don’t believe me? Just go up to any Sister In Speed and ask her about her car, she’s likely to give you an earful, she might even let you sit in her car! Take your wife or daughter to the track and see who she cheers for!

2015 Shannonville Super Pro Champion Becky Ray Gauthier

The 2016 race season is almost upon us, and surely more championships will be won by Sisters In Speed!  Who is your favourite?  Who do you think will win a championship? Most importantly, who will be the next Sister In Speed? We hope that you will go to our website and read about us and that you will bookmark this blog so you can keep up with all of our adventures! We look forward to seeing everyone at the track!




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